Geniatech-Bringing an Innovation


Geniatech is a worldwide ODM manufacturer for smart IoT devices, single board computers as well as digital T.V. Its main focus is to provide its customers with a solution of wireless technologies with software and hardware designs. It was founded in the year 1997 and its headquarter is located in Shenzhen. It has three software and hardware design centers along with three manufacturing facilities in China. Geniatech helps to develop the digital ecosystem in 42 countries. In 2018 Geniatech made around 15 million products in its product areas. Major productions include Smart Sensor IoT, Smart Farming, Smart Light Smart TV, etc. Along with its design partners such as Google, Arrow, NXP, and Microsoft Geniatech take full responsibility for its customer lead projects. The company also specializes in high-volume production. Geniatech implements its solutions at the highest quality level that meets international standards. You can check the website of geniatech online, a wide variety of SBCs and other products are available there.

Innovation in the technology sector

Geniatech has brought Innovation to the technology sector. One of its most successful products is eyeTV. It allows the user to rewind, pause and watch live TV on MAC. From the recordings, it can create clips and also filter out unwanted parts. It can also be used to record a single show or the entire part. Recordings made with this device can easily be exported to iTunes in order to playback on an Ipad or iPhone. Let’s see some other innovations.

· Kloud note

Kloud Note is another device made by geniatech which has provided its customers with great utility in this era of technology. It is a professional ebook reader as well as an e-ink notepad. It combines both the comfort and simplicity of writing as well as reading. Kloud note is a way to increase productivity in school and also avoid any kind of distraction. With the help of it, one can easily visit past notes at any time. It is a great product for business people as well as teachers and students.

· Industrial tablet PC

Another smart product manufactured by Geniatech is the RK3399 Industrial tablet PC. Major features include remote device management, dual screen different display, multi-operating system, APP customization service, high scalability as well as reliability. Its six cores allow the product to work fluently and efficiently. It can be installed in different areas including Robot equipment, new retail smart terminals, AI equipment, and digital signage.

· TV tuner

Geniatech also launched their Android Tablets with a TV tuner. Its remote management software allows it to analyze and remove bugs remotely. With its HDMI Input port, any other media device can easily be connected to it. It also has a Tuner module along with a USB Camera and serial port. They have a wide range of applications in places like banks, restaurants, metro stations, coffee shops, etc.


In simple words, we can say that geniatech has completely revolutionized technology. Its smart devices and their applications in various sectors have provided its customers with great utility. There is no compromise on the quality of the products from the manufacturer and day by day Geniatech strives to provide its customers with the best experience.


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